Helping you achieve your goals

If you think you've been thinking of doing one of our tours but not sure your fitness levels are up to scratch, dont worry! We can provide you with one-on-one or group personal training, weekend treks so you can practice using your gear, or even develop a training plan for you to complete at home - all you have to do is ask!



Trainer Profile

Andy Pedashenko
Meo Adventures Founder and Personal Trainer

Andy has over 10 years experience in Personal Training, along with a Bachelor of Human Movement and Physical Education. Andy has worked with teams, companies and individuals all around the world.

Andy started strength and conditioning with the AIS in Canberra which then took him to Singapore and Hong Kong to work with American National Academy of Sports Medicine and Singapore University in the education of new trainers.

Andy has been happily training clients one-on-one and in groups in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for the past 7 years. He now specialises not only in general fitness, but also in improving strength, mobility and stabilisation after injury or surgery.


We can whip you into shape for your next tour!

Contact us now for a personalised training regime to get you into peak condition. Ideal for preparing for one of our Meo Adventures or just for your general well-being.