The best travel apps

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Almost all of us have a smart phone nowadays and if you know the best travel apps to use you can really work them to your advantage while you’re away. There are so many apps available from language to ticket storage to flight tracking, these are the apps we don’t leave home without. We’d also love to hear if there are any essential travel apps you love – leave a comment below!


Snapseed app


You might think Instagram is good for editing photos, but you haven’t seen anything yet. With Snapseed you can easily edit and retouch your travel snaps as you go. Andy is a huge fan of this one and he’ll sit and play with the photos of the day on the iPad each night using Snapseed. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad.


WhatsApp Whatsapp logo

You have probably heard of WhatsApp and might already use it. Chances are your friends and family use it too. This is precisely why Whatsapp is still on our front screen. Rather than turning on your international roaming and copping a huge phone bill on your return, link into the nearest wifi and you can chat away for free. Send texts, voice messages, photos or videos or call just like you would on your phone. Available for iPhone and Android.




If you’re like me and have a mother that wants to know where you are every minute of your trip or you usually keep a travel journal while on tour, then this is for you. Livetrekker allows you to trace your steps, upload photos, videos, text and audio files so you can create an online journal of your travel. Perfect for sharing with family and friends so they know what you’re up to and where you are. Best of all though, is that you can revisit your trip online any time so you’ll never forget your travel experiences. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad. You can also check out their intro video here.



Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.31.06 PMGoogle Translate

Not sure what that sign says? Struggling to talk with the security guard at the airport or to order your meal? Enter… Google Translate. With 90 languages to choose from it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for. It’s not 100% accurate all of the time, but it’s usually enough to get your point across! You can now use your camera to take photos of the text you want translated, too. Available for iPhone and Android.



Duolingo App Duolingo

While we’re talking about languages… It’s always a good idea to learn a few phrases before you go. Duolingo is like a language tutor in your pocket. Any time you find yourself waiting in line or sitting on a bus, crack open Duolingo and start mastering the basics. Knowing a few phrases will definitely make life a lot easier during your trip. Available on iPhone, Android
 and online.



XE Currency ConverterXE Currency

Now we get down to the practical stuff…. Calculate currency easily with XE Currency. We find this is the easiest to use and most accurate, although there are plenty out there. Just plonk in the amount in almost any currency and you’ll know in seconds how much it is in Aussie dollars. You can also create alerts for currency changes so you can buy currency at the best rate before you go.  There’s a pro version as well, but the free is fine. Available for iPhone and Android or online.



Flight Aware Flight TrackerFlight Aware Flight Tracker

Never miss your plane again! Well, unless you’re travelling with Andy who likes to arrive at the last minute… Flight Aware Flight Tracker will show you in real time where you plane is and keep you up to date with it’s status including delays and cancellations. Also a very cool app for kids in airports as they can watch all the planes arriving and taking off (trust us… nephews entertained for hours with this one!). Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.