Meet Our Guides – Raj

Raj is the newest and youngest member of our team of guides. Despite his age though, he has a wealth of mountain biking experience and is very worldly! Many the deep conversation has been had with Raj along the 500km ride from Manali to Leh. We just love him and we know you will, too! Here we have a little chat…

How did you start working as a guide?
I love mountain biking so I knew I wanted to work as a cycling guide – I get to ride all day! I started learning from Raju and Shabu and this year have taken lots of tours for them. I loved working with Fitness Adventures and am proud that you trust us and like working with us, too.What is your favourite thing about working as a guide? 
Cycling is my life. I love cycling because when I’m riding a bike I forget about everything else. The best bit about being a guide is being able to share my love of cycling with many people and to help them discover the beauty of the himalayas.How many times have you ridden from Manali to Leh?
I have done parts of the ride many times but completely eight times now. I ride with a group of friends called the Sky Riders Himalaya and we are planning to do the 500km ride in 4 days next year. You’ll have to wish us luck!– Thanks Raj! We will keep you all posted on Raj’s epic 4 day Manali to Leh ride. If you want to do it in a more leisurely pace we’re taking bookings for July-October now. Check out the full itinerary here and then get in touch to save your spot!