Meet Our Guides – Bain

Bain is hands down the cheekiest man in Borneo and our guide for our deluxe tours to Camp Leakey.  Today we’re happy to feature a little interview with Bain, so you can get to know and love him as much as we do. Not only did Bain grow up in the area, but he’s lived and worked in Camp Leakey his entire life and is a champion for the orangutan’s cause. Bain also works as a wildlife photographer and has been published around the world, including the National Geographic. Bain is our photography expert on our photography tours in Borneo, too! Check out some of his photos below.

1. How did you start working as a guide? 
I’ve been working as guide for four and a half years. Before working as a guide I was helping with conservation efforts in the area helping to plant trees in logged areas and working in research at Camp Leakey, tracking wild orangutan. It was a natural next step for me as I wanted to help share the story of the orangutan with others.  

2. What is your favourite thing about working as a guide? 

My job is very important to me – it’s my life. I absolutely love trekking into the jungle to see wild animals of all shapes and sizes. I am also a photographer so I can do two jobs at once! Hehehehe….

4. Who is your favourite orangutan? Why? 
My favourite orangutan is Kosasi. He was the king before Tom (the current king). Kosasi was a strong orangutan and even larger than Tom!!!

5. How many times have you shared a bed with an orangutan???
At least three! When I was working at Camp Leakey in research and conservation. Their nests are actually pretty comfy 🙂

6. How many movies have you been in? Do you consider yourself a movie star?!
I have been in five movies – three BBC productions and twice on Australia’s Channel 7… but I am not Movie star!

7. What is your wish for the future of the orangutans and the jungle in Borneo?
Everything I do is to raise awareness for the plight of the orangutan. They need help from all of us to protect them. Between poaching and palm oil plantations, the orangutan is fighting desperately for survival. My wish for the future is that we can save the forest for them….

Thanks Bain, and thanks also for the beautiful photos below. If you want to have Bain show you around Camp Leakey and introduce you to all of his orange, hairy friends, visit our Camp Leakey Orangutan Tour page and get in touch.  
Photos copyright Arbain Borneo.