Going to Camp Leakey? You need to read this…

Camp Leakey Orangutan Tour: Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are commonly asked by travellers of ours going to Camp Leakey on our orangutan tour. There are often lots of questions that pop up so if we haven’t answered it here, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list! 

1. How early should I be at the airport before our domestic flights from Jakarta to Pangkalanbun?

We always like to get to the airport a little early, rather than cutting it fine, so we recommend getting to the airport about 1.5hrs before your domestic flights (and at least 2hrs if you have any international flights). Jakarta airport can be busy and a little disorganised, so if you’re at all worried, go a little earlier. Usually we recommend catching the 6.30am or the 7am shuttle from the hotel to the airport for the 9.10 flight. This will give you plenty of time, but check with the staff at the desk and see what they recommend as they will have the most up to date information about any delays.

2. How much cash should we take with us to Camp Leakey?

You shouldn’t need much at all. Just a little bit for any meals, perhaps a few souveniers at Camp Leakey (of which there are barely any!) and potentially a tip if you would like to give one (see below). We usually recommend $150-200AUD per person in spending money but this will vary depending on your itinerary.

There are also plenty of ATMs in the airport if you get stuck, and your guide can take you via an ATM in Pangkalanbun or Kumai on your way to the boat if you need as well.

3. How much should we tip the boat crew?

Tipping is not compulsory but it is recommended. We suggest about $50 AUD per person on the trip for a tip to split between the crew but it’s completely up to you – there is no set amount.

4. What vaccinations do we need to go to Borneo? Do we need to take Malaria tablets?

This is from the Travel Doctor websites’ info on Malaysian Borneo which is similar to Indonesian Borneo: 

You can read the full article here. Please see your own GP or travel doctor for more information.

While you are on your trip, to keep the mosquitoes at bay and reduce the risk of malaria or Dengue Fever, we always make sure we always have DEET or tropical strength insect repellant on and always wear long, light loose clothing. At night you’ll have mosquito nets while you are on the boat, but we also recommend taking silk liners to sleep in – they’re light and breathable enough so you don’t boil but help to protect against any rogue mozzies.

5. What are the luggage restrictions on the domestic flights?

Kalstar Aviation and Trigana Airways both allow 20kg of checked baggage plus 7kg carry-on baggage in one bag.

6. Will I have access to the internet?

Whilst in Jakarta and the airport, you will find wifi so you can Instagram and Facebook to your hearts content! However, you won’t have any access to any internet while you’re in the jungle on the boat. Your guide will have a phone, if you need to text or call someone in case of an emergency.

7. Can I charge electronics on the boat?

Yes – there is a generator on the boat that will be turned on at certain times during the day, but please take spare batteries for your camera and torch as well.

8.Do you have any recommendations for women with regards to dress code?

The attitude towards dress is fairly relaxed but you should show respect for local culture and customs in public places by avoiding excessively revealing clothing. This is especially in Jakarta, at the airport and when you arrive in Pangkalanbun, but more relaxed in the National park. For most of the year, summer clothing (lightweight, cotton clothing) is suitable. We recommend always wearing a t-shirt, rather than singlet, and long, light pants as well as a light scarf to wear around your neck whilst in the city and at the airport. When you are in the hotels, resorts or touristy places these recommendations are relaxed and any type of swim wear is okay.

9. Can we take food or drink when visiting the orangutan feeding times, is this correct?

You can take water with you in your backpack, but it’s advised not to take any food into the feeding stations. If you do, you will need to keep it locked in your back pack and please discuss this with your guide. If you come across any orangutan in Camp, your guide will advise you of what to do and at times hold all of your belongings (cameras, too) as the orangutans do like to nick things!

10. Will there be bottled water available on the boat? Will there be alcohol or sparkling water?

There will be lots of bottled water as well as a range of soft drinks available to you each day. Sparkling water won’t be available but if you wish to purchase some before you board the boat, please let your guide know when they meet you at the airport. They can take you to a local market. As Indonesia is a muslim country, alcohol is not readily available and won’t be provided on your tour.