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The Meo Manifesto

We’ve been thinking about what Meo really means to us lately and thought, just for a bit of fun, we’d write […]

Meet Our Guides – Raj

Raj is the newest and youngest member of our team of guides. Despite his age though, he has a wealth […]

Meet our Guides – Raju

Raju is our head honcho in India. He organises all of our cycling and trekking trips and we wouldn’t trust […]

Meet Our Guides – Shabu

Shabu is one of our terrific cycling and trekking guides in India. He’s taken us trekking up to Friendship Peak, […]

Meet Our Guides – Bain

Bain is hands down the cheekiest man in Borneo and our guide for our deluxe tours to Camp Leakey.  Today […]